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By Admin, May 26 2016 01:35AM

Telluric - On it's release it went straight to #1 on the Australian Albums (ARIA) charts. Matt Corby delivered a a debut album that established him as a unique and talented presence in modern music. Warm, soulful and masterful... Telluric is sensational from beginning to end.

Watch the video for 'Monday'.

Get to Telluric on iTunes, Amazon, or physical.

Eduardo MIXED 'Telluric' at Tostada Studios.

Matt Corby - Telluric
Matt Corby - Telluric

By Admin, May 26 2016 01:04AM

Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing - is the debut album by Norwegian-Spanish duo BLØSH. An outstanding release that positions BLØSH as a contender for the crown of indie pop.

Watch the video for the first single 'Give It Away'.

"BLØSH restores hope in Indie-Pop" - Indie Shuffle

“Hop aboard now – this ride's about to pick up the pace” - DIY

"With all the markings of a band on the rise...BLØSH's debut album is set to mark the beginning" - The 405

"Nominated for Newcomer of the Year" - GAFFA Awards 2015

Listen to Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing on iTunes, Spotify, or Tidal.

Eduardo MIXED 'Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing' and their previous release 'Keep Your Tongue EP'.

BLØSH - Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing
BLØSH - Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing

By Admin, Oct 16 2015 04:33PM

Shores - is the long awaited debut album by We Are Match. Following the success of 'Relizane EP', We Are Match were tipped as one of France's most exciting indie promises. 'Shores' is a solid proof of it as they release a beautifully crafted debut album from beginning to end.

Watch the video for the first single 'The Shark'.

Get Shores on iTunes, Fnac or We Are Match's Official Store.

Eduardo MIXED 'Shores' and the previous release 'Relizane EP'.

We Are Match - Shores
We Are Match - Shores

By Admin, Mar 3 2015 06:21PM

Happy People - the new album by Peace is out now. Following their succesful debut LP 'In Love', 'Happy People' entered the album charts at #12 on it's first week of release.

Watch an outstanding track-by-track video of Happy People here.

Get the Happy People on iTunes , Vinyl or directly from the Peace store.

Eduardo MIXED 'Perfect Skin', 'Someday', 'I'm A Girl' and 'Under The Moon' (Tracks 4, 6, 8 & 9)

Peace - Happy People
Peace - Happy People